Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get in touch with you?
  • Home Nursing staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (432) 617-8125.

  • What are my rights as a patient?
  • Federal law dictates that all home healthcare patients be informed of their rights and responsibilities. Home Nursing will provide you with a summary of patient’s rights and responsibilities that are consistent with Texas State laws.

  • Do you provide home health equipment and provider services as well?
  • Not directly, but Home Nursing partners with quality companies, including our sister company Home Healthcare Equipment, Ltd., that provide these services and we will make all the arrangements for you regarding your specific needs.

  • How often will you come to my home?
  • The frequency of visits will depend on patient needs and the physician orders. A plan of care is written and discussed with the patient on admission. Usually visits range from 1-3 times a week, but this range varies with each individual patient.

  • How soon will the services start?
  • Home Nursing services usually start within 24 hours of receipt of the referral unless the physician has ordered a specific date for services to begin.

  • Will my insurance cover the services?
  • Medicare and most health insurances cover skilled home healthcare, however each policy is different. Some may require preauthorization of services or co-pays or limit the number of home visits. Nearly all insurances require that you meet homebound criteria, similar to Medicare, to be eligible for home healthcare. Most insurance companies will not pay for private duty attendant care.

    Home Nursing can call your insurance company to determine the specifics of your policy.

  • Does my doctor have to order homecare and hospice?
  • Yes, physician orders are required for skilled homecare: nurses, therapists, social worker, or home health aide and hospice. A physician order is not required for attendant care.

  • Who is eligible for home health care?
  • Our Home Nursing team will work with your physician to develop a personalized in-home care plan. We will contact your insurance carrier to determine what services are covered by your health plan. To be eligible for home health care under the Medicare plan you must be:

    An eligible Medicare beneficiary.
    In need of skilled services in the home.
    Under a plan of care approved and established by a physician.
    Homebound, requiring reasonable and taxing effort to leave home and unable to drive yourself.

    Home Nursing accepts Medicare, Workers Compensation, Private Insurance and Private Pay

  • Who should use home health care?
  • Home health care is available to individuals of all ages. Various health conditions may qualify, however the need for home care is usually triggered by one of the following situations:

    Being released from the hospital following a sudden event such as a heart attack, stroke or injury.
    An ongoing health issue which requires a greater level of care than you currently have available to you at home.
    If you find it increasingly difficult to take care of yourself at home.

  • What is home health care?
  • The care available through a certified home health agency generally includes services which aid in recovery, rehabilitation, recuperation and health education. Skilled nurses and other health care professionals provide a wide range of services which allow patients to stay in their homes, preserving their independence and dignity, and enhancing their quality of life.