A Good Word for the Innkeeper

Way back in 1981, an article with this same title was published in a periodical from an abstract of a sermon preached by Dr. Gordon Clinard, former professor of Bible at Hardin Simmons University in 1968. His point was that the Innkeeper who is remembered as the “no room” guy from the Christmas Story may have been given too bad a rap. Our versions of the Christmas Story include the nativity with the Holy Family, shepherd, kings, and angels in the stable. What if they had rented a king-sized bed at the Holiday Inn? What kind of a picture would that be? Instead, with knowing nothing about who this pregnant woman was, or her child, he did what he could. He gave them the stable to stay in, and did what his heart told him…what God told him. His little became much… to the greatest story ever told.

You and I know a lot about this Child. We have the Biblical record, the history and traditions of the Christian Faith, and the testimony of millions through history. However, have we done more? Do we provide acknowledgment on a “holiday” and then “drag the tree to the curb”? What have we done for the one who came to deliver us? Jesus never asked anyone to give what they do not have; only “what you could.”

When your life is full of trouble, grief, or worry – be patient with the people around you this season who have what seems to be trivial concerns. Their real need is great to them. A little time, advice and attention may bring great joy where otherwise there would have been sadness and sorrow. Stop and give a little time and God will give you the words, and take care of the pressing concerns around you. Believe that God has sent one of His “little ones” your way and that’s why they are talking to you. Do what you can, what God tells you to do, and believe the little will become great.

Dr. Jimmy Braswell
Chaplain/Home Hospice