Colors Of The Leaves

“Listen! The wind is rising and the air is filled with leaves. We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
– Humbert Wolfe

Having been a part of this hospice mission for more than a decade you get to witness the milestones of each season through a different set of eyes. Will this be a joyous season of hope, or one filled with sadness and loss? My heart is filled with the determination to reach out to the patients and families we serve, to let them hold onto a piece of the world’s traditions – to let them know “It’s about living.”

Our volunteers find themselves decorating Christmas trees in July, or making St. Patrick’s Day cards in September. It’s a wonder any of us have our days straight. But it’s all worth it… especially on days like today.

Our nurse Myra bustled into the office this morning to relay a message, “I have to tell you our little patient was so thankful your volunteers stopped by with he harvest bag of goodies this week! They just loved that someone took the time to paint the little face, and fill it with goodies… they have it hanging on their door as a Halloween decoration!”

I thank God for the opportunity to guide our volunteer team through this journey, and the ability to reach those whom we serve as whole beings, needing emotional, social and spiritual connection, alongside our dedicated team of professionals providing gold-standard medical care.

The seasons change… what a joy to be able to appreciate the new colors of the leaves.

Karen Carter
Community Relations/Volunteer Coordinator
Home Hospice