Earthly Father to the Heavenly Father

My earthly father has gone on to be with the Lord and I reflect on my dad and who he was as a father in my life. I can remember him being a great and strong man who supported his children with great love. He was a quiet man of little word, but when he spoke it was with authority and power. If we did not do what he said, he had a way of getting our attention… his voice would come to a whisper, and we had to get closer to him to hear him speak… and then, like out of nowhere, he would grab us and discipline us.

Now let’s look at my Heavenly Father:

PASSION Our Heavenly Father has great passion and love towards His children. He is not an unkind and cruel Father, but a loving and compassionate Father to us. He longs to have a loving relationship with us. The greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart. This is the greatest expectation of our Heavenly Father from us. His great love moves Him to show mercy to us and forgive our sins. The prodigal son discovered the great love of the father when he repented and returned to his father after going astray.

PROVISION Our Heavenly Father provides for our needs. We need not worry about the needs of our life because our Heavenly Father knows our every need. Since he was willing to sacrifice His only Son for us, surely He would also give everything else that we need. He longs to give good gifts to His children. He would surely give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. He would grant our requests when we ask in the name of Jesus.

PROTECTION Our Heavenly Father protects us from harm and danger. We are safely held in His hands and no one can pluck us out of His Hand. Even the hairs on our head are numbered. The Lord who purchased us at such a heavy price would preserve us as His precious treasure. We are kept under the protection of His precious blood.

PURIFICATION Our Heavenly Father purifies our life by correcting and disciplining us. He wants us to be a partaker of His holiness. He wants His children to reflect His nature and character. He wants His children to display the divine love and mercy even towards their enemies. He wants His children to forgive others even as He forgives them.

PERMANENCE Our Heavenly Father is a permanent Father to us. His name is called the Everlasting Father. Earthly fathers may pass away from this world but our Heavenly Father is always with us. He has a deep concern for the fatherless and widows. He is the Father to the fatherless. He warns those who afflict the fatherless that they would face severe consequences. He considers caring for the fatherless and widows as a pure and undefiled service to Him.

PARTNERSHIP Our Heavenly Father wants to work in partnership with His children .He wants His children to get involved in the service of His Kingdom. He wants us to be co-laborers with Him. There is an enormous need facing us in this world. The Lord wants His children to be His instruments to reach out to this needy world with the divine love and compassion.

PROMOTION Our Heavenly Father wants to promote us and help us to prosper. He is willing to teach us and train us just as He helped the Lord Jesus during His life on earth. We are co-heirs with Christ and we can enjoy every inheritance that God has prepared for Christ. We can look to our Heavenly Father to help us and prosper us. He will show His favor towards His children.

To all of the fathers in the world – Happy Father’s Day and may God richly bless each of you. And, if your father is gone on to be with the Lord, remember him on this great day.