Our creation was for the purpose of fellowship – walk with God – an early monastic, Brother Lawrence, called it “Practicing the Presence of God”.

The Lenten time of year is a time of reflection on the part of all of us on our walk with God. Our walk with God is reflected in the past, present, and future of our daily lives as well as eternity.

In the crucifixion of Christ our past is redeemed, our sins are forgiven, and our worth as individuals verified. God believes we are worth every effort. He is willing to be with us in our troubles, or illness, and our failures.

In the resurrection of Christ, after 3 days in the tomb, He has promised His presence with us forever. He can promise the meaning of life in the very present through his transformation of our lives and the resurrection of His spirit in our characters. He can bring a sweetness and meaning to everyday life no one or anything else can do.

In the future, our resurrection will be like His – an eternal spirit and life in the Kingdom of God. After death, life goes on in the promised Kingdom of God, waiting until the resurrection of all to dwell with God eternally after His Second Advent (second coming).

Dr. Jimmy Braswell
Home Hospice