Experiences in giving back shared by Home Hospice WTX volunteer, Steve Goff

In January of 2007, Steve Goff applied to become a Home Hospice volunteer. He said he admired what hospice does, as his mother had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, and that he wanted to give back.

“I didn’t know much about hospice, I watched how they took care of my mom and dad, and was really taken by their love and care.”
Home Hospice volunteers possess a wide variety of talent and experience, and Steve is no exception. He has been a photography professor at Odessa College since 1984, and was recognized this year as “Outstanding Educator of the Year.” He serves on the boards of the Odessa Council for the Arts & Humanities and the Texas Photographic Society. There’s no doubt his gentle approach of respect and understanding has touched many lives.

As a hospice advocate, he makes sure to include his experiences in conversations within the classroom.

“I’m really honest, it’s really emotional. Some students say its special that someone cares enough to do that.”

In August of 2014, the Davidson family requested Home Hospice’s volunteer photographer to take a few family photos. As a hospice patient, Mr. Davidson and his wife spent two afternoons with Steve. Today, Mary keeps the photo of her husband in her living room.

In a recent visit, Mary and Steve reminisced over the time they spent together.

“It was a wonderful thing, we appreciated it more than you’ll ever know,” said Mary.

Their daughter Mary Anne works for a hospice in New Mexico, and continues to stay in contact with Steve, asking for advice on how to help her own volunteers provide a connection with the families they serve. There is no better testimonial than that.

Steve says his role as a volunteer may not be for everybody, but that when there is a connection, it’s a beautiful thing. He hopes sharing this story encourages more people to ask for his services.
“I feel so proud when I see one of my photographs with a family, I’m so honored by it. I feel like I’ve made a contribution and that’s what carries me through.”

Capturing candid moments and meaningful images of patients and families is just one way Home Hospice volunteers make a profound difference in our community. If you would like to become part of our team, don’t hesitate to let us know. Call (432) 580-9990 today.