Families are Forever

“Families are forever” – We often hear that phrase or read it.  As we age or “mature” as some say, the phrase begins to mean more.  Part of the meaning is found in the reality that family are often the ones who “when you come to them, have to take you in,” as the poets say.  But another reason is that when we celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, July 4th, Memorial Day and the summertime, we are reminded of a legacy, a heritage that remains long after our loved ones go to the Kingdom of God.  Families are forever even if there is much to forgive and much to endure.  I was told a story of a man whose sister he had not seen for much of his life.  Circumstances and life situations separated them.  Then after a long search they were reunited and a great joy permeated both of their lives until the end of them.  Even though we get to choose our friends, families are forever.  Each year we are given a whole month (amid months)… Mother’s Day through Father’s Day, to celebrate the significance of families. Friends are changing, acquaintances are serendipitous; but families are forever.

Dr. Jimmy Braswell
Home Hospice