Giving Thanks

A time when the more than 4,000 hospices across the U.S. hope to increase awareness of this completely under-utilized plan of care. Most recent National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization reports show a third of hospice patients are receiving the help they deserve for a week or less, more than 50% for less than one month. That means the majority of people, facing difficult medical decisions and care, are doing so alone or at least without every resource available.

For more than a decade

I have seen Home Hospice team members tend to the gardens of our patients’ souls, from the dedicated medical professionals to those providing spiritual, emotional and social support. It is love in action. There is a thank you note pinned to a bulletin board in our break room which offers proof: “To all who had the joy of serving my Daddy. I thank you for all the hands, visits and the love I know you showed him.”