Home Hospice care team?

Members of the Hospice team include:

You and your loved ones are key members of the team. You have chosen us to accompany you on a very special journey, and we respect your concerns and desires at every step. We will provide you with all the information needed to make the best choices. Your doctor will continue in the role of your attending physician. However, Home Hospice doctors, who specialize in palliative, comfort care will also become a vital part of the care team.

A complete-skilled nursing care team will make regular visits to monitor your condition, manage medications, and provide answers to medical questions. They also provide teaching to family members and caregivers on how to care for your loved one, and provide answers to questions about death and dying. A nurse is available on call 24 hours a day.

Social workers are on-hand as experienced counselors and experts on community resources. A social worker can also help families communicate, arrange support for caregivers, and help to find financial and legal assistance.

Certified Nursing Assistants help the caregiver by providing personal care such as bathing, changing linens, or tidying up the patient’s room, as needed.

Specially trained volunteers offer assistance with personal care and household tasks, such as cleaning or food shopping and preparation, as needed. They can run errands or provide a few hours of respite care, giving the caregiver a much needed break. Non-denominational chaplains can provide assistance in many areas: spiritual counseling for people of all faiths, planning funeral services, offering communion, and serving as a liaison between the family and clergy of the community.

Bereavement coordinators offer grief support and services to family members and loved ones for more than a year after death. These include support groups, individual counseling, and educational workshops.