When is home health the right choice?

Home health care is available to individuals of all ages with a wide variety of health conditions. Skilled nurses and other healthcare professionals provide a wide range of services allowing the patient to stay in their home, preserving their independence and dignity, and enhancing their quality of life. The need for home care is usually triggered by one of the following situations:

1. Being released from the hospital following a sudden event such as a heart attack, stroke or injury, where the patient is restricted to home for a length of time. The patient may require teaching on any new medication, wound care or monitoring of surgical wounds, and teaching from a skilled nurse on disease progression. Physical, occupational or speech therapy may help to strengthen the patient back to their previously normal level of activity.

2. An ongoing health issue which requires a greater level of care than what is currently available in your home.

3. When you find it increasingly difficult to take care of yourself and your home.

Suzanne Collins, RN / Administrator