Inspiring Testimonials From Individuals Who Have Participated In Grief Support Groups

1. “When I decided to come to the support group, I had tried everything to make the pain of my son’s suicide go away. I would not discuss it because it was shameful for one to “kill” themselves. Where did I go wrong? Did I do or not do something wrong to cause this sinful thing not done in Christian families? One even suggested my son did not go to Heaven because suicides did not go to heaven. I had prayed before because he was bipolar for a total healing. Even thinking God was punishing me by taking my baby (51 years old) from me. We were very close. My other sons and my husband would not go to counseling with me because they considered it a weakness.

My husband passed away one year later. Knowing I could not do this alone and not feeling my church would understand, I had to do something besides cry. My first meeting was tough. I had to get past this. I knew my son was sick, not physically, but mentally and in a way I didn’t know how to help because I didn’t understand the nature of the disease. Not yet healed from the loss of my son, I lost my husband, a wonderful Christian Bible teacher and music minister of 41 years. He had Alzheimer’s for about 12 years. This pain was not as harsh because he had been slipping away so long. After going to the meetings faithfully and talking about the loss and listening to and bonding with another couple who had just lost a son, reading literature Betsy gave us, I slowly began to heal. I don’t blame myself or anyone else and I know God has control of everything. I believe my son is safely in the arms of Jesus. I have become a member of another wonderful Christian fellowship. Thank you everyone at Hospice for your ministry to me. ”

Barbara (Bobbye) Martin, Odessa

2. “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” penned Leonard Cohen. The night I lay next to my darling of 55 years with our seven children and a Hospice nurse encircling our bed, as he slipped into eternity, a huge crack opened in our world. He had made us a strong, tough, love-filled family. It was all we could do not to be swallowed up in the darkness of grief and sorrow.

He wasn’t perfect but he was a giant among mankind. His dignity, humility, faith, generosity, wisdom, and love blessed many as he filled cracks in their lives.

Our faith never wavered but the fear of life without him, and the darkness from the gaping crack was overwhelming.

Hospice was the light that filled the crack in our lives. The love, the patience, the kindness, the understanding, the listening hearts warmed our souls with more than can be described. It wasn’t just a few weeks or months but continued Hospice attention for years. Their door and their hearts are always open as they continue to fill our crack. One dear compassionate soul is Betsy Brininstool, who is more than a Hospice counselor. She is a marvelous listening angel, now a dear friend. Her love and patience have more than filled our crack. I give thanks unto God every day for the kindness and caring given by Hospice.

Hospice is an entity of angels who bless lives with caring love and light filling mighty cracks. ”

Janie Harrison, Big Spring

3. “When I first attended my first session with Betsy, I was skeptical. I was thinking in my head “what can she really tell me that will help me?” Oh was I wrong. Betsy knows what to say and how to say it without you getting lost in “Counselor terms”. I honestly would not know where my life would be if I didn’t start seeing Betsy as soon and as consistent as I did. I attended private sessions and I did a session of Life after Loss grief group and I did a scrapbooking class (which I loved!). Betsy does extremely well at her job and I couldn’t thank her enough. Highly, highly recommended. Thank you.”

Alyssia Cardwell, Midland