Neidia Rankin


1) How long have you been a part of the Home Hospice/Nursing family? 16 Years

2) What role do have in enriching the lives of our patients/families? I have 2. I’m the voice on the other side of the phone when they call our office. I ensure them that their concerns would be taken care of once I get ahold of the discipline they are needing to speak to. I’m also a CNA- While I am with a patient I reassure the family that if they need anything, please call the office. I also get to hear what a blessing our wonderful home health aides are.

3) If you are having a bad day, what do you do to make it better? Sit back, take a deep breath, Pray and tell myself, Let go, Let God.

4) What is a food you’d NEVER eat again? Liver, YUCK

5) Describe your perfect vacation. My perfect vacation is going to Ruidoso into the mountains to a cabin.

6) What is the first thing you think of when you get up in the morning? I am blessed to take another breath.

7) What song best describes your life? I have several lol. Color Me Badd “Wildflower”, Kelly Clarkson “Piece by Piece”, Bill Currington “She’s got a way with me”

8) If your pet could talk, what 3 questions would you want the answers to? Are you happy with us? Do you like your name? What do you like doing?

9) Would you rather have a PAUSE button or REWIND? I would like a REWIND button. Go back in time and make things right with my biological dad. Spend more time with him. Let him get to know his grandsons. Care for him until he took his last breath.

10) What is your secret to a good life? Let Go Let God, always stay positive.