There’s a special place in my heart for furry creatures. I can’t imagine our home without the love and companionship of our misfit crew of canines. They’re all rescues, but I am convinced God sent each of them to us for a reason… to make us laugh, to warm the bed, to alert us when strangers approach. And then there’s Stella. We rescued her with 10 puppies… each of them now have a great home. But Stella is training to become a Therapy Dog International therapy dog, hopefully to become one of our Home Hospice Patient Paws team members.

Many people in nursing homes and assisted living facilities once had the love and companionship of animals in their own homes. We hope our Patient Paws visits will bring back wonderful memories of animals long gone from their lives.

Recently Home Hospice volunteer Donna James and her 12 year old golden retriever Abby visited a local nursing home to provide attention, and perhaps to return the love of those who might otherwise have no one close who cares.

Donna says the experience was very touching.

“It made me so happy to see her (the resident) just reach out her hand wanting Abby to come towards her. Who knows the last time she was that happy. It was awesome.”
Animals have the potential to reduce stress, and heal our hearts… I am convinced of it! Please share your story with us by visiting us on Facebook at