Unshed tears: Andrews Butterfly Release & Family Celebration 2016

It was 54 degrees and many of us hunkered down close to the building in hopes the warmth would provide a little shelter as we released our butterflies. I sensed a gentle spirit and edged closer to a wonderful man whose eyes were filled with unshed tears, and whose hands softly held the opened envelope containing the monarch he had come to release on behalf of his wife Bobbie. She had passed just one year ago and they had spent 44 years together. His church had given him a plant in honor of his wife last year, and he shared that he just could not get that plant to grow, try as he might. But now, as some time has passed, and his heart had begun to heal, he noticed (7) new green shoots… the Lord’s number, he believed… a sign that Bobbie was with him. As he lingered to tell the story, the monarch climbed its way to the lapel of his jacket, then wound its way around his neck. Had its arms been longer, I know it would have been the most amazing hug! We gently captured the beautiful creature into a dome-covered cup. The butterfly was going home to be released on the plant, combining symbols of hope, and perhaps allowing their date to last just a little longer.